About Us

BKCN Engineering Inc. is a respected Canadian engineering consulting firm that delivers multidisciplinary engineering services to multiple sectors across a wide range of infrastructure projects.

Our team has more than 80 years of cumulative experience in designing, delivering and managing multi-billion dollar engineering projects across the globe, notably in North and South Americas, Middle East and Southeast Asia.  Our expertise, innovative thinking, and focused client service approach are geared to delivering proven, cost-effective and  solutions and technical services to ensure the successful completion of projects. Our firm’s success, experience and expertise have been demonstrated in a wide range of projects, including infrastructure, transportation systems, mines, commercial and industrial buildings, power plants, water and wastewater treatment facilities, waste management facilities and land developments.

Our Vision

To be Canada’s pre-eminent mid-sized strategic and technical firm that pursues a multi-disciplinary approach in designing and delivering comprehensive engineering solutions for governments and companies across multiple industries.

Our Philosophy

We deeply value the duty of care owed to our clients and are committed to providing efficient, cost-effective and client-focused solutions.

Too often projects are poorly managed, often exceeding budget and schedule, due to numerous design changes, contractor claims, and other issues.  We are committed to providing value-added services that will ensure your projects are delivered within budget and on time.

When you work with BKCN, you will benefit from our service advantages:

  • More than 80 years of cumulative expertise in delivering projects in Canada and around the world.
  • Knowledge of government decision making, investor and stakeholder relations, and best practices.
  • Multi-disciplinary approach in designing and delivering comprehensive solutions.
  • Delivering projects within budget and on time.

At BKCN, we believe in engineering beyond imagination.

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