We have been a part of several domestic and international infrastructure projects, including transportation systems, mines, commercial and industrial buildings, power plants, water and wastewater treatment facilities, waste management facilities and land developments.

Here are some selections from our portfolio of past projects:

  • Oakville Water Purification Plant (Ontario, Canada)
    We had principal responsibility for the structural conceptual and detail engineering design of the new 3.0 ML reservoir and other structural design work to upgrade the low- and high-lift pumping stations and filtration systems.

Brighton Beach Power Station (Ontario, Canada)

We were responsible for the design of a large reinforced concrete water intake structure, pump house, boiler foundation, outfall structure and other support structures for large diameter pipes.




Lakeshore Water Treatment Plan (Ontario, Canada)

We led the structural design of a 36 ML/day green field treatment plant including a new 10.0 ML reservoir.




Cerro Verde Copper Mine (Lima, Peru)

We were responsible for detailed structural engineering design of the regrinding plant and other civil infrastructures




Jurong Industrial Estate Development (East Java, Indonesia)

Developed detailed engineering design of Jurong industrial estate development which includes detailed design of heavy industrial concrete buildings and foundations for industrial buildings.




Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay (Esplanade, Singapore)

Responsible for the structural engineering of the reinforced concrete structures of the concert hall and foundations..




Changi Airport Mass Rapid Transport (MRT) Station (Changi, Singapore)

Responsible for the structural engineering of the twin tunnels and associated infrastructures for the MRT station expansion project from Changi Airport to the existing Tanah Merah MRT station.




Nile City Towers (Cairo, Egypt)

Led project,  engineering and construction management in the planning, execution, material acquisition and construction contracting for the Nile City Towers




Jeddah International Airport (Jeddah, Saudi Arabia)

Responsible for contract management, project management, infrastructure construction, and materials control for the Royal Terminal of the Jeddah International Airport.




Aqaba Phosphate Port (Aqaba, Jordan)

Responsible for contract management, directing negotiations, and investor relations in building the Aqaba Phosphate Port.